Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday!

Today is of course Tail Wagging Tuesday!  Today's topic is your pet's favorite treat(s)!  Brutus has a lot of favs including Old Mother Hubbard dog treats, greenies, and zuke's treats.  BUT- His most treasured snack is of course his bully sticks!

We have many pictures of Brutus with his "cigars" (bully sticks)!

OK- totally unrelated to this topic but we have a new addition to our family!  LOL, kinda.  Brutus got a new toy and seriously "Roger, the raccoon" is now very much part of our family.  We never realized how much Brutus loved playing with stuffed animals until visiting other furry friends.  So after picking up Roger, he is literally wherever we are.  If we are sitting up on the couch, Brutus brings Roger up to the couch to sit with us...lol!

You can link up with CMAE here to post what your favorite pet's toys are!



Gabriella said...

Brutus is adorable! I love his little face!

dave and jenn said...

Roger is pretty cute. Brutus really seems to like his new friend!

When we give our dogs chew sticks, we call them "cigars" too. :)

Sarah said...

Where do you get the bully sticks? The ones I've seen in the stores are really overpriced - like a couple bucks for a 6 inch bully stick!! I always get bully sticks and other natural chews at www.bestbullysticks.com. They are great!!

Riley and Hailey LOVE bully sticks. I don't call them cigars though. :) I call them what they truly are (which is nasty!!).

Rebecca said...

I've heard about the Mother Hubbard treats a couple of times today! I've never heard of them, but I think my pup needs to give them a try :) Such sweet pictures of your furbabe!

Kristen said...

I've never heard of bully sticks - are they like a raw hide?

Love the new addition! How cute is Brutus that he brings him everywhere?! Truly like a beloved stuffed animal. :)