Monday, May 2, 2011

10 Things I Love!

Leah over at Happily Herring tagged me in the "10 Things I love"!  I love Leah's blog and she is so super sweet for including me, so make sure you go over and check out her blog!

10 Things I love:

(1) Warm Weather...especially after the cold winter and cooler spring!  I love going swimming and laying out!  

(2) Wedding Season!  Derek and I are booked solid with weddings this summer.  Planning my wedding was one of the most enjoyable times in my life and I love seeing other weddings.

(3) Friends and Family!  We got to see our best friends Kristin and Grant this weekend (and looking forward to a wedding with them next weekend!)  Derek and I can't wait until our house is done so we can entertain and have more friends and family over!

(4) Going Out to Dinner with My Husband!  There is nothing that I love more than enjoying a great dinner with Derek!

(5) Heels!  I am a tall girl and didn't used to wear heels that much in worry that I would be taller than everybody else.  However, over the past year, I have totally grown outta this and wear heels!

(6) Desserts!  I love chocolate, rice krispy treats, ice cream...really anything!  Just ask my co-workers.  I have a "Katie drawer" with tons of snack-sized chocolate bars!

(7) Diet Dr. Pepper!...seriously!  I drink one D.D.P every day.  It is so sweet and delicious!

(8) Shopping!  Well if you know me this is not a surprise.  But really, I love shopping for just about anything!  Whether it is for me, Derek, or Brutus I love going with something in mind and trying to capture the vision I set out for!

(9) Brutus!  I know he is included in my family but Derek and I love having the little man as part of our family!

(10) Pizza!  I love, love, love it!  It would be the one type of food I could eat every single day.

Now it is time for me to tag 10 of my most favorite blog friends:



moderndaywife said...

Thanks for tagging me girl! I also looove wedding season :-D

Jax said...

Aw yay! Thanks for the tag!! How fun! :) Loving your list, girlie! I, too, am LOVING that warm weather is really around the corner! I cant wait! And love going out to dinner with Eric! It's like... no distractions...just us...and no clean up! :) Have a great night!

Ashley said...

this is precious! I lovvveit! I need to do something like this... those 10 things are awesome! Im seriously obsessed with your wedding dresss!

dave and jenn said...

Thanks for tagging me! We have a lot of the same favorite things. :)

Laura said...

Thanks for the tag sweetie!! :) I'd def have to say my #1 may be warm weather too... too bad this Ohio weather is SOOOO CRAPPY right now. ugh! It's not making our visit very fun.

Jodie said...

I just adore your blog, I am your newest follower too!! I am with ya on the pizza && the shopping!!

Miss Monica said...

Thanks for tagging me! I love weddings too. They always make me cry. And I love heel just because I am so short.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I still can't get over the tall girl heels syndrome. Kuddos to you for doing it!

Thanks for the tag!