Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekly House Update!

Hope everybody is enjoying their Wednesday!  I'm back with some more house updates!  Sorry if these pictures are extremely boring for y'all but we are super excited about this house and also our family loves seeing the pictures!

I heard a rumor that all of our lumber arrived today...aka- I'm excited to see me some walls!

Of course we had to bring Brutus out and show him the new house.  It was the first time he was there and he ran around like a wild man in all the dirt....

We are trying to take a photo in the exact same spot with Derek and I standing in front of the house.  It was an idea given to us by somebody in my program.  After the house is built- we can turn it into a flip book with Derek and I being the frame-of-reference...I'll let you know how it turns out!


moderndaywife said...

How exciting! We did the same thing while our house was being built!

dave and jenn said...

I love the weekly updates! AND, the picture of you and Derek in the same spot every week is so cute. What a great memory that will be!

ben+alex said...

how exciting! i can't wait until we buy our first house.
this must be so much fun!!
it's looking great.
just came across your blog and love it.
new follower.


ajs {of MN} said...

great idea for the last photo- you will love that! i currently take a belly photo every thur AM in the same exact outfit in the same exact poses and spot in the house- have been since day one at finding out we were 4 weeks pregnant- today we are 28+ weeks. it's so fun looking back!

Natalie and Lee said...

I am so excited I found your blog! My husband and I have just started building our home! Looks like we are about on the same steps!! Our lumber should be arriving next week too... Good luck with everything! I have heard it's a stressful process... It has been good to us thus far! :)

Day Old News said...

I love the flip-book idea! How excited to be building a home!! Good luck!

Lace.and.Likes. said...

how exciting you are building a house?!
you and your hubs and your pup are adorable
so glad i found ya!