Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Recap!

This weekend I went back to C-Bus!  Derek unfortunately had to work but I HAD to go visit my friend Kristin, because it was her birthday, duh!  I had a super fun time!  Although, I did miss having Derek there for many reasons.  1- he always does the tab-thing at the bar so I never have to worry about closing my tab and picking up my credit card 2- he always gets me the drinks...what more can I say!

It was so good catching up with my friends.  I got there early enough to have some dinner and get ready with the girls just like old times!

Allison, Kristin, and Me

The Birthday Girl and her boyfriend Grant

Allison and I doing the "skinny arm"

Hope you had a great weekend!  BIG things happened with the house last week so I'll be sure to post soon!


moderndaywife said...

Cute pics! :-)

dave and jenn said...

Yay! Can't wait to hear the latest house updates!

Kristin said...

You three girls kinda look alike!! All very pretty anyways!!

katie.michelle said...

Yay, another Katie!! :) You are GORGEOUS, girl! And you had me cracking up about the whole "and I never have to worry about picking up my credit card" hehe AGREED!