Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quiz my Husband!

I got this adorable idea from another fellow blogger Michaela Noelle who is absolutely adorable and definitely peaks my interest in interior design!  She had some designing quizzes to find your style and since I am pretty sure what mine is I thought I would have my husband,  Derek, take them.  I know we have completely different styles....and this just confirms it

You can take the Ikea Style Test Here.

Anything that has rustic or country in the title is completely opposite of my preference...

You can take the Youniverse Style Test Here

This is one more that tells you about your personality.  They definitely hit some things on the head such as Derek loving nature But was completely wrong with things such as "always on the go and taking on as much as you can."  Haha, Derek couldn't be more relaxed and has a knack for knowing just the right amount for getting things done!  That is said in the nicest way you dear!

Lastly, you can take the Sproost Style Test Here

Mountain Lodge...Southwestern...hmph...really couldn't be more opposite.  At least he has the french eclectic thing going for him ; )

LOL- this was definitely fun to confirm we have 2 different styles.  The good thing is Derek leaves most of the decorating to me.  Although, I always love getting his opinion so trying to combine both of our preferences is always a challenge I'm up for!

Now it's your turn!

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dave and jenn said...

Cute idea! I'll have to try this...