Friday, April 22, 2011

Fashion Friday!

Happy Friday EVERYBODY! more week of classes and I'll be done forever (excited, can't you tell!)  Anyway, no new goodies to share or anything but I've been it just me or does Bethenny look extra fashionable this season?!?!  Seriously, I'm obsessed! (just sayin')

All pictures available via BravoTV

So I know this isn't the best pictures, but don't you just LOVE the chunky necklace with the blazer?  Ah,!  Tori Spelling rocks the look really well too!

Ok can we say gorg and how about let's go this outfit right now?!?!  Love the jeans with this adorable belted vest.

Ok, again, not the best picture, but I love the obi-belted sleeveless-vest

So Posh and classy!  I would so wear this outfit!

Well that's all I got for today.  Hope you have a great Easter!


moderndaywife said...

Have a great Easter & yay for school almost being done :-)

MissB said...

Her bubble skirt is my favorite! I adore Bethenny ... I'm actually reading her new book ... and I love seeing her outfits!

Miss Monica said...

I love that outfit too.