Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everybody, hope the weekend was fabulous!  I woke up with a super sore throat and an achy body...yuck!  BUT, at least the weekend was great!

Friday- I got a random text from my best friend who lives forever away and said "hey I'm randomly in Cincinnati for a couple hours, want to do dinner?" Um YEAH!  I was so super excited to meet up with her and the most exciting part was she had her new boy-toy with her, whom I've been dying to meet!
Levi & Jen
Saturday- Derek's parents hosted a wine tasting event at their house!  We were very excited to go to this and learn some more about wine!  It ended up being a terrific event and it was great to discover some AND affordable good wine!  All the food was delicious and provided by Derek's mom!

The cheeses!

The "spread"

Wine bottles for tasting

Our "challenge"...and boy was it ever!

The couple who provided the wine and educational information

Some of Derek's parents friends having a good time!

Of course had to get a pic of Derek and I!

Derek's parents, Mel & Reba!

Obviously an in-depth discussion about wine ;)

Derek and his dad

Don't ask me (a) what was so funny AND (b) what I am doing because I have no clue!

Reba & I
Sunday- We had to speed up the road for another family function on Sunday morning.  The food was great and it was great to see all the family!  The weekend was very busy but a lot of fun being able to see all the family!



moderndaywife said...

Ohhhh I love wine tastings..especially with awesome cheese looks like a great time :-)

Katie said...

I hope you're not getting sick!! But your weekend sounds like a success! A wine tasting party sounds like so much fun!

XO, Katie
Running On Happiness

dave and jenn said...

That wine tasting looks like fun! And i love your outfit!

Northern VA Bride To Be! said...

Any weekend involving wine is a good one to me! :)