Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Talk about a rip off!

Sorry in advance for no fun pictures for this post but I MUST rant about Derek & I's recent experience.


So let me first say, car experiences are one of the most scary things to me because I know NOTHING about cars and I'm super afraid of being taken advantage of.

Last week, Derek was driving to work and all of the sudden his car stopped.  Quit.  Dunzo


So, I just had AAA tow it to the last place that he had his power steering pump? something replaced.  WRONG CHOICE

After 1 day and half, the place finally called us back and said that he had anti-freeze leaked in his oil and pretty much the engine was ruined.  WTF, Derek and I don't want another car payment when all this house-building-shenanigans are going on!


So after talking to my dad, his dad, my step-dad, about everybody else that actually knows about cars, we decided that they were talking madness and EVEN after going in and trying to talk to somebody....we decided to get it towed to another place

After about 3 hours the second place told us it was a sensor that needed replaced, and NO the engine was not ruined, and NO there was no anti-freeze in the oil, and YES the first place was trying to rip us off!  Some people have the nerve....


Anyway, we are so thankful his car is running again and we didn't have to spend too much to get it fixed.  Whew!  Thanks for listening to my rant, I really appreciate it =)



Northern VA Bride To Be! said...

Good thing for you guys. My fiance totaled our car by hitting a curb. Super smart. Luckily you guys are smart enough to get a second opinion!

Has anyone ever told you guys you are a super hot couple? Very good looking! :)

the girl in the red shoes said...

OH no! I hate when car places try to take advantage of you! I'm know nothing about cars and it always freaks me out when something goes wrong. I'm so glad you got a second opinion.

Thanks for stopping by my blog...your wedding photos are gorgeous!

Miss Monica said...

I don't know anything about cars either. I always call my brother-n-law.

Kristin said...

That straight happened to me last weekend!! My car died while I was on the freeway!! NOT cool!! stupid cars