Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More House Stuff!

So with a new phone comes a new learning curve.  And I accidentally deleted my last blog post from my phone...oops.  Oh well!  Well hope you all got a look at our exterior choices and a picture of our house!  If not here they are again:

Yesterday, Derek and I finally pulled the trigger on some furniture!  This has taken up so much of our time and finally we are done!

For the living room:  We went with a classic sofa, loveseat, chair & 1/2, and a ottoman


For the dining room:  We chose a traditional cherry stained table, which we are super excited for because we can actually fit more than 4 people at!  We also got the server/buffet cabinet you see in the picture to hold our "fine china" that we don't have!


Lastly, we picked out our wall colors from Home Depot for the house:

I plan to use the first neutral color all over.  The second will be mainly used in bathrooms and the third for accent walls!


moderndaywife said...

Looks awesome!

Kate said...

I love it all! I can't see what else you've picked out. It's all just so fun and exciting!!

dave and jenn said...

Love your house! I think everything you picked out will work really well together!

Leah said...

Love those wall colors! Such an exciting time!

Jax said...

This is so exciting! Have to admit that I'm slightly living vicariously. :) Loven the stuff you've chosen...esp the furniture!

Miss Monica said...

Love it! So exciting. I want a home.

The Seattle said...

What an exciting time to build your dream house! I love your blog ....