Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Recap

WE had a super exciting weekend!  We finalized our loan, majorly furniture shopped, and most-importantly put up our sold sticker on our lot!!!! First, furniture shopping is so overwhelming, and EXPENSIVE may I add.  I seriously suffered from sticker shock all day on Saturday.  Finally, I got out of my funk once I realized I will not be able to furnish my new whole house right away, umph :  (  O well, I guess we will just appreciate our empty rooms.

Moving on.  Here are our excited pictures of putting up our SOLD sticker:

Visualize with me....our parcel of land...soon to be a house!

Sunday, Derek and I went to the Home and Garden show here in Cincinnati.  We got a lot of great ideas for landscaping, home theater, painting, fences, and just about everything else!

This is me, super excited to go into the Home and Garden Show!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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dave and jenn said...

I love the font you are using for your blog! Owning a home is so much fun (and a lot of work, but that's fun too). Looks like you all have a nice lot!