Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!  No exciting news for me on this exciting "lover's holiday" (more to come this week) so I decided to do my weekend recap! Derek and I headed down to Derek's parents' house.  It has been a while since we have been there to just relax.  Ahhh it was so nice.  How was the weather you ask, a-mazing!  It was close to 50 degrees outside so we had to take the dogs out walking all day!  Saturday night we went to a "brick-oven" Italian-style restaurant.  It was Derek's and my first time being there and man was it delish!  There were also 2 comedy acts that night and they were pretty funny!  We haven't been to a comedy club in a long time so it was super fun way to spend the evening! Alright, Alright, I will get to the pictures now:

Little Zeus...aka Brutus' cousin!  SO.ADORABLE!

Mr. Bruts just chill-axin on the couch because little Zeus will not leave him alone!

Me and Zeus

This is the boys in play mode

And this is when Brutus goes crazy....when Zeus jumps on him!

The pups on the rocks before we started our walk

Brutus was our little hiking leader.  He lead the pack and pretty much found the trails for us.  He went across the creek so of course little Zeus had to too!

Zeus: "Ok if he can do it, I can too"

Zeus: "Oh crap, you didn't tell me it was ice.  Ahh I can't stand up straight, I'm too little"

Most of the time Zeus was following / running behind Brutus.  I thought this shot was cute with them both perched and waiting for us to catch up!

On your mark, get set, go!

Wait you are giving up...

Ahh he beat you (like always!)

Hope you had a great weekend!



moderndaywife said...

Your pup is sooooo cute :-)

dave and jenn said...

So much cuteness with those two! We took our dogs for a walk this weekend too when the weather was nice. I'm looking forward to more of those this spring!