Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Recap

So finally- on to my Valentine's Recap...oh wait, nothing to recap! Haha.  Derek had to work so I did 5 loads of laundry, cleaned around the house and went grocery shopping.  Don't feel that bad for me...Derek and I trying to save for a house and all the goodies that come along with it so work was a great excuse not to go out to dinner.  Maybe next year, right?

Anyway, somebody in our house did get some Valentine's ACTION!  Our little Brutus received a personal invitation to PetSmart's Valentine's Day Party.  So of course he had to go right?  I scanned in his "Pawgress Report" MUST read:

If you can't see it it says, "Brutus asked a special gal to be his valentine today.  A little yorkie named Bella.  They are a cute couple." LOL if that doesn't make your nothings-going-on-while-every-other-lover-in-the-world-is-celebrating day, then I don't know what will!  You go Brutus- just like we tought ya!

So for everybody that doesn't know me that well, Valentine's Day used to be extra special in Derek and I's relationship because that was our dating anniversary.  I know right, Derek was so sweet to ask me to be his girlfriend (yes he did) on Valentine's Day....what happened, now he is working on this day, j/j.  So since we got married we decided not to celebrate our dating anniversary anymore and just celebrate our wedding anniversary. BUT if we were celebrating, we would be together 8 years on this very special day...EIGHT YEARS.  I can't believe how long we have been together.  For this special occasion I decided to bring out the old school pics.  I'll try to remember when these were taken:

Derek and I flying out to South Dakota for my Dad's Wedding
My Dad's Wedding

Celebrating Derek's 18th Birthday

My 18th Birthday, and brunette I may add

Our 1 year anniversary at Olive Garden


Derek's Graduation

Derek inducted me into our National Honor Society

Sadie Hawkin's Dance, because we were cool like that

My senior picture

Winter Sports Queen that Derek so graciously came back for and wore my cheerleading pin...haha oh my! 
Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day and thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me!


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dave and jenn said...

That Petsmart Pawgress Report is adorable! I love it!

My husband and I have also been together since high school - it's so nice to have such a history together. :) Congrats on 8 years!