Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Exciting Stuff

As I mentioned yesterday, my husband and I are searching for our first-ever-home to buy (woot woot!) We have literally just started the complicated process of owning a home but are so very excited to start the looking process!!  We think we know what we want, as the Realtor put it, we like the Cincinnati Standard, "four-and-a-door house":


Get it....four windows on top and instead of the four windows on the bottom there are 3 with a door : )  It is not that it is absolutely the style that we must have, its just what is EVERYWHERE in Cincinnati!  Luckily, Derek and I think we want the same thing in a house so hopefully the hunting process will be nothing but fun for us!  Here are our list of must-haves!

  • Costs- under a certain price with taking taxes into consideration
  • Location- under 20 miles for both of us to get to work
  • Age- under 30 years old
  • Updated- especially the kitchen
  • Backyard- hopefully fenced-in for our little Brutus
  • Living/Entertainment space- my husband is OBSESSED with home theater equipment, so we will need a good space for all of his "toys"
  • Master- it would be super nice for double sinks and one huge celebrity style closet!'
Anything I left out?



LC said...

House hunting is so fun! Congrats on taking such a big step and I hope you find the perfect house for your little family:)

dave and jenn said...

Enjoy the hunt! I'm a big advocate of finding a newer house. It seems like our friends with older houses are always having to spend more money to fix things!