Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bad Driver?

So I guess Allstate put up a pseudo-poll that showed how astrological signs were linked to auto accidents.  Virgo came in as the worst drivers of 2010 with 211,650 accidents while Scorpio proved to be the best drivers with only 26,833 accidents.

While Allstate did say that there was absolutely no validity in these results, I must say, I think they ring pretty true in our house.  I absolutely love my husband, but he is such a reckless driver....his driving record speaks for itself!  Needless to say his sign, Taurus, is the 3rd worst, while my sign, Cancer, is the 3rd best...I'm just saying :  )

Does your sign reflect your driving habits?


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Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I'm a Gemini and we're right in the middle...though I've only had one speeding ticket and no accidents. (knock on wood!) My husband however is 2nd on that list as a Leo and I would have to say I agree!