Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

Derek and I had a super fun weekend with some friends in town!  My best friend, Kristin, and her boyfriend came down to see Derek and I and go out in Mt. Adams.  We met up with 2 other fun couples and it was a recipe for a good time!

The Girls: Emily, Me, Mary, and Kristin

The Boys: Grant, Nick, Derek (don't you just love his cardigan!), and Nick

Our friends Kristin and Grant came down from C-Bus!  This bar is super great in the spring/summer because (you really can't see it but) you can see the Cincinnati skyline.  Ahh, love it!

Me & Kristin

Nick and Mary DEFINITELY win the award for the "serious faces" picture.  Too good

So this is what happens when Derek and I try the "serious face" pose:

I can't keep a straight face around my husband!

Great picture of Emily and Nick!

Not sure what we are saying or why my mouth is open so awkwardly....haha!

Me & Emily

Me & Mary!

It was so much fun to hang out with such great friends.  As I did absolutely nothing on Sunday, I reflected on how thankful I am to have was your weekend?


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