Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tasty Tuesday!

SNOW DAY!  First day of classes and they were canceled!  Yay!   I had to go into work though because I had a 9AM meeting.  The roads were not good, but I felt relief when I got a text message that I did not have to go to classes later that day.  Saved for one more day.

I am going to share Derek and I's most favorite recipe, our special tacos.  Derek and I make tacos AT LEAST once a week.  I was getting very tired of it because I am not a big mexican food eater.  HOWEVER, after going to a restaurant downtown, Nada, it changed my life forever.  LITERALLY!   I absolutely love mexican food as long as its spicy and super fresh.


So the secret to great tacos is great (and fresh) guacamole and pico de gallo:

All Recipes: Guacamole
So we layer the toasted tortillas with some sour cream.  Then add the fresh guacamole.  This recipe is bit more chunky than normal, but man is it good! This recipe got almost 2,000 reviews of 5 stars!

Next, add the sliced grilled chicken.  We usually flavor the chicken with some "hot" taco seasoning before grilling.

Lettuce, Habanero cheese, Tabasco sauce, and lastly Emeril's Lagasse's Pico de Gallo


I must add that we ALWAYS buy Vigo's mexican rice to go along with our tacos.  It was recommended by a friend, and it is absolutely the best mexican rice!  Now... I must go and make some dinner : )



Kristin said...

Now im hungry for tacos :)

Jax said...

My stomach literally growled as I read this. NO joke. I freaking LOVE Mexican food...especially guacamole. And now I want tacos. haha! :)