Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Wednesday!

ALRIGHT!  The Bucks won the Sugar Bowl. was a close one!  I had to DVR the game because Derek did not get home until 10:30.  So we were fast-forwarding through the commercials to try to catch up and get to the live game.  However, we never made it!  It was even more nerve racking watching this game because you knew you could buzz through the huddles, etc.  I loved what I saw during the first half, what an amazing team!

I have a new baby niece!  London Nicole, born on...get this...1-1-11!!!  Seriously, isn't that the BEST birthday ever?!?! 

She looks so much like her big sister, Kennedy!

So the last of my randomness.... Do you know how a song can turn into your own "theme song" or remind you of someone or a specific memory?  WELL, that happens all the time to Derek and I when we are on trips!  Case in point:

Las Vegas- there was literally the exact same song playing over and over (and over and over...) where we ate lunch at every day.  Ergo, that song became our Vegas song:

Chicago- it seemed like every time we got in a cab, we heard the same song!  We had never heard of the song and had no idea why every cab's radio was playing it.  Then 2 months later, we heard it on the radio here in Ohio:


Naples- (WARNING-profanity) This song is so inappropriate, but seriously, this song was playing all the time for some reason.  You have all heard it BUT it is the "dirty" version (which I didn't even know it existed)


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Kristin said...

Just wanted to say hi, just came across your blog. Your niece is adorable, great birthday too!