Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Eve!

Happy 2011 everybody!  Derek and I were lucky enough to go to Florida for New Year's Eve!  One of Derek's best friends goes to law school down in Naples, FL.  We saw him last year in New Orleans fro New Years, so we had to meet up again!

We had such a great time catching up and meeting his new friends.  All of our days were consumed with eating and kicking back with an iced cold beverage....all day every day!

Ok- not a great picture.  But it is so hard to use a timer in a good spot to take a picture of everybody!  A lot of girls to meet and hang out with which I loved!

So let's see if I can remember....Nicole, "Dazz"; Me (no nickname); Jenny, "Val"; Anna, "Gov"; Lauren  
 Isn't it weird of how much I look like a giant in the picture above.  I am very tall for a girl; however, most of my friends are almost as tall as me so I don't look so freakishly tall in pictures with them!  Whatevs...

Derek, Mike, and me

Gotta do the New Years with the hats!

We did have to check out the beach for a while.....hmmm..how nice! 

So, I did take one video while I was there.  I have numerous videos in undergrad of Mike doing something crazy.  He is just that kinda guy...you know fun!  So, we wanted him to try to sabrage a champagne bottle....with a butter knife.  Of course it did not work, but it was hilarious for him to try.  I'm convinced you need a samurai sword which was originally stolen from a ninja....

Hope you had fun ringing in the New Year!


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