Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Movie Review


Ok, let me first start off with saying that I read this book last summer.  I was less than thrilled to say the very least and it was actually hard for me to finish the book.  Truely, I wanted to stop reading because it was so annoyingly slow and the main character of the book was such a narcissist in my opinion!

BUT- I had to see the movie.  Why do you ask, because!  No, but really, Julia Roberts is my fav and such a class-act!  In my opinion, she did not disappoint.  Although the movie was very slow just like the book, I thought Julia Roberts gave some like-ability to the main character.  She was relatable and adorably funny!  My only complaint was there was not enough time spent on the "love" part of the movie.  But overall this was a normal, feel-good, chick-flick, B


Kristin said...

I agree, it was slow but enjoyable!

Kate said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog about the indoor dog park -- google one in your area... you never know! Anyhow, I must say that I couldn't stand Eat, Pray, Love the book. The meditation chapters bored me to no end. The movie was 'eh' good. Overall, I think the whole Eat, Pray, Love hype was overrated... but like you, I love me some Julia!

LC said...

Hey! First, I loved this book and movie! 2nd, just wanted to say cute blog and I'm your newest follower:)