Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Monday!

I wish I could say I had a super awesome weekend recap....but I don't!  Seriously, I did a whole lot of nothing.  Well if going to the grocery store counts, I guess then I did do something!


This weekend I finished up the "Millennium Trilogy."  I had to get it done before school started.  YIKES, speaking of school, my last semester EVER begins tomorrow.  However, like many of you, we are supposed to get another winter wonderland so I'm secretly hoping for a snow day!

But in all seriousness, I have discovered something about myself lately.  I am the happiest when I am the busiest. I'M.SO.SERIOUS!  My schedule is literally packed to the max this week between meetings with work and school, I am kinda looking forward to it!  Now, don't get me wrong, I can get overwhelmed VERY easy, just ask my husband ;  ).  Anyway, just trying to stay in a positive mind-set during this last semester.

Lastly, my husband and I let the bully stick stock deplete.  OH NO!   This is the only thing our pup can do now (sleep!)...bully sticks are in the mail Mr.Bruts!


Brown Girl said...

Our dogs love bully sticks but they are expensive!!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Hooray for your last semester!! I agree though, I'm much more productive when I'm busy. Give me too much time and all I do is procrastinate!

Jax said...

I totally agree about being the happiest when busiest. That said, I, too, can get kinda overwhelmed when I push myself just that extra inch too far into crazy-busy-land. :) Exciting about your last semester! And I loved the Dragon Tat series! I am excited for the movie with Daniel Craig coming out! I heard the Swedish movie with subtitles was good...but well.. I may have fallen asleep trying to watch it. I I was tired. ANd the subtitles were a lot to handle...haha.. :)