Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cooking Class!

Derek and I took our first cooking lesson tonight!  I was so SUPER excited for this.  I signed us up a while ago and knew that this class would be the absolutely perfect first class to go to because it was all about pizza!  Pizza is Derek and I's most favorite food.  We have pizza at least once a week! AND- we have tried making pizza once; however (of course) it turned in to a disaster.  We had fresh mozzarella and made our dough and sauce from scratch.  The only hang up was the dough recipe did not indicate that it made 2 very large deep dish pizzas.  SO as you can imagine, the pizza crust was at least 4 inches high.  The toppings were done and the middle of the pizza did not even BEGIN to the pizza had to be thrown away (sad face).

Well, we decided that what better way to learn than to go to a cooking class!  The instructor was the vice president / regional manager of Dewey's Pizza.  This pizza chain started in Cincinnati and has moved into other states such as Kentucky, Missouri, and soon to be Illinois.  They have a mix of traditional, gourmet, and seasonal pizzas.

Before we got there, Derek and I had a completely different view of what a cooking class would be like.  We thought it would be hands-on and we would be able to cook and imitate what the instructor was doing.  However, after getting there, it was more like a "class."  We watched the instructor cook and got to ask questions and then tried all the food once it was done.  I admit, I was a little disappointed at first, but the experience was so much fun!   I would definitely do it again!

The Menu:
  • Apple Cider Vinaigrette Salad
  • Steak and Wild Mushroom Pizza
  • Southwest BBQ Pizza
The Class Room

The room had mirrors situated on the ceiling so we could see everything the instructor was doing

First course, the apple cider vinaigrette.  IT.WAS.SO.YUMMY!  IT had figs, apple-wood smoked bacon, and roasted pumpkin seeds

We had the chance to go up to the front and flip pizza dough.  Derek and I were losers and did not participate.  WHAT, I know?  WE should have gone up there.  But he kept saying it was like shooting a foul shot and I SUCK at basketball!

The Steak and Wild Mushroom Pizza- I don't like mushrooms, but I liked this pizza!

The Southwest BBQ Pizza

Because not everybody participated in the throwing the pizza dough, there was extra dough left over.  So we were lucky enough to grab some dough and then we bought a pizza peel!

Now, I'm sure there will be a disaster post about us trying out the recipe and making our own pizzas!


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