Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year Nerves

So Derek and I have BIG plans for New Years!  I am seriously so excited....however with big plans come big wardrobe decisions!  I decided to get a spray tan for the first time in my life.  I researched, and researched...and researched!  It came down to the Mystic Tan and the Versa Spa.  I decided on the Versa Spa:
It is supposed to be the "newest and best" in the spray tanning industry.  Who knows if it is better or not...but I'm nervous how it will turn out.  Wish me luck!  Maybe I'll give an update tomorrow.

SECONDLY, (maybe I'm doing a bit too much of new things for this News Years) I am going to attempt to apply false lashes for News Years Eve.

Again, I have never done this....but I have always wanted to try false lashes.  Of course I turned to my handy dandy makeup store, MAC.  The best ever makeup company.  There are a lot of things that could go wrong with false eyelashes...let's hope none of them happen!


Update: Just got back from the spray tanning session.  It was the weirdest thing I've done in a very long time.  First of all, Versa Spa has these strange poses you have to do.  So in addition to being extremely nervous about my first spray tan, I have to remember all these poses.  Second thing...I experience the natural "fight or flight" reaction when the spray started on my face.  It is almost if someone is throwing water on your face.  My defense kicked in and I started gasping for air...LOL, good thing I am not going to die from UV rays, however, I don't know about the big inhalation of spray tanning that I just inhaled! 

No picture to update yet.  I didn't get the bronzer formula, so the tan will gradually appear over the next 6 hours.  PLEASE hope for no blotching or orange color! 


Brown Girl said...

Good luck with your spray tan. I've tried falsies once, it was terrible, I could not get those suckers on!! Good luck with that as well!!

Leah said...

Looks like you're going to have a fabulous New Years!
Newly following =-)

A Wedding Story said...

Holy cow!!! I totally want one of those!