Monday, December 27, 2010

Before and After: Christmas Time With Family!

Hope everybody had a super good Christmas!  Derek and I did.  We managed to have great weather and the ability to see everybody on our list.  We went to 3 Christmases in 3 days, whew!

First stop, my Mom's house:

Family Picture

My Mom and Me

My Mom's present to little Brutus- an adorable Christmas outfit!

Next Stop: Derek's Parents' House and Family Get Together

We had a blast at Derek's parent's house. They got a little yorkie about 3 weeks ago, Zeus.  He is ABSOLUTELY adorable and just like Brutus! 

Little Zeus

I had to get a picture with the little man

Brutus was quite bothered by little Zeus.  He couldn't understand what to do with him or why his "grandparents" had a little puppy of their own.  But by the second day, they were playing their little hearts out.  Of course Brutus was dominating Zeus because of the size difference, but Zeus was giving it all he had and tried to do everything Brutus did.

We enjoyed having a little puppy around!  In fact, Zeus looks so similar to Brutus when he was little:




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