Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Year in Review- 2016

I always love putting together this post because it is fun to look back at the year!  This one was a whirlwind with our little Leni being born and Charlie growing up so much this past year!  From birth-2 years, a child grows and develops so much.  However, from 2+, it is amazing how independent they get and become these kids who talk allthetime :)  She cracks us up multiple times a day!

This was the month we announced our 2nd pregnancy to the world!

February we were in the thick of potty-training.  The picture below was getting ice cream for FINALLY pooping in the potty.  Gosh, potty training is probably the biggest pain in the butt ever!  Charlie was a challenge.  After about a year, I'm happy to report we are in undies for nap time and about ready to switch to undies for bedtime.  NO MORE DIAPERS, what?! (well, for Charlie anyway...I only have to go through this all over again lol)

We got the opportunity to take Charlie to the circus for the first time!   I'm not sure who was more excited, me or her!  This was a huge memory for me as a child so I could not wait to take Charlie!  

April was a busy month!  Our second baby girl was due to arrive the next month, so we were trying to get in everything we could in the month of April!  BUT first, we needed to finish little Leni's nursery.  The process of getting the nursery ready was such a task....everything that could wrong did and more!  When it all finally came together it turned out beautiful!

We managed to sneak in a Reds game and catch a foul ball!

Oh, and I was busy growing a baby :)

We took Charlie to the conservatory for the first time to see the butterfly exhibit.

Last minute, I decided to do a mommy & me photo shoot.  I'm so.glad.i.did.  I absolutely love these photos!  I didn't get maternity pictures done so these serve that purpose.  Additionally, I love having these photos of just Charlie & me!

May go down in the books!  Derek turned 30 and we snuck in a celebration 1 WEEK before Leni was born.  We surprised him and had a very fun night out.

May 14th, Leni was born (11 days earlier!)

We had Leni's newborn photos done by the same photographer that did Charlie's.  I will always cherish these pictures!

The next 3 months were a complete whirlwind!  Trying to manage 2 children and figure out how to give attention to Charlie while recovering/feeling completely sleep deprived with a newborn.  The picture below sums up everything...we had a happy/content newborn, Charlie seemed pretty happy as well and did not notice any difference (she is the best big sister!), LuLu always tries to get in the experience, and then there is me, tired lol!

Derek and I continued with our date nights :)


We attended our first Cincinnati professional soccer game with friends

Spent a lot of time outdoors!  So different to have an infant during warm weather!

Watched our second baby girl grow up so fast and start giving us smiles

Had friends come down from Columbus for the weekend and had so much fun!

I went back to work (wow that maternity leave flew by!) this month!  I was ready as I was when I went back to work with Charlie.  This time was a little more challenging as trying to wear the working mom hat of a mother of two is different in some ways.  It helped that Derek and I had an exciting month planned for us!

We went to the Chris Stapleton/Hank Williams JR concert 

Got 3 month photos done for Miss Leni

We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary!

We hosted my sister and her family for a fun week!

Had a fun night out on the pedal wagon

We took our first road trip with both girls to Athens.  Derek and I went to Country Night Lights Friday & Saturday and enjoyed seeing Jake Owen & Brett Eldridge. 

We also took our first overnight trip to Cleveland for an UFC fight!

Charlie started preschool!!

Solid foods!  Leni started this month and we found out that mashed potatoes were a big hit!

Leni also started sitting up and exploring the world in this whole new way!

We celebrated Halloween with two little bugs!

We got to see my brother and his family who came to Ohio to visit.

We took the girls to the pumpkin patch and other fun fall events

Charlie started swimming lessons


My girlfriends and I attended a wine event by Cincinnati Bacchanalian Society.  We hadn't been for years and had such a great time!

Took our annual family photos.  This served the purpose of Leni's 6 months, Charlie's 3 year, AND family photos!

Celebrated Charlie's 3rd birthday with a farm animal theme

Enjoyed Zoo Lights

We also attended another tasting event (our 3rd for the year!) at our local favorite wine bar/restaurant!


I got to take Charlie to her first ever movie at a movie theater.  We went and saw Sing!  Again, I don't know who was more excited..her or me :)

It was a warm warm Christmas this year!

We saw Santa many times this year

Had fun at our annual neighborhood Progressive Dinner

The girls enjoyed opening up their gifts from Santa!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Meeting Santa

Santa has been very interesting in our family the past 3 Christmases.  Most of the time, Charlie is crying and will not go near Santa.  This year was a success for the family!  Charlie and Leni got to meet Santa 3 times this year.

First time was at Charlie's school event.  As I mentioned before, this went over very cautiously for Charlie.  All Leni wanted to do was look at Santa.

Charlie then got to meet Santa (well, Scuba Santa) at the Aquarium.

You talk in a microphone and then Santa talks back from underwater...pretty cool!

On the final stop of our Santa tour, Derek suggested we find a new Santa since we never had very good experiences at the mall.  I completely agreed and we decided to go to EnterTRAINment Junction.

I HIGHLY suggest this place for seeing Santa.  We will definitely go back.  You are in your own room all by yourself with Santa.  Your children get a chance to just chat with him and you don't feel rushed by the long line waiting.

And lookey-here....Charlie actually sat on his lap!  I think she was over Leni outdoing her :)  I guess having a little sissy is helping in that arena.

Charlie has told Santa every time, she wants juggling balls for Christmas.  Bet you can guess what will be under our tree this year!

2013, 2014, and 2015 (which I'm still bitter about, ha!...why would they pose us like that?!  So awkward!)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Zoo Lights

It finally feels like Christmas!  Even though we have had our Christmas tree up and decorations up inside and out since the day after Thanksgiving, it didn't feel like the Christmas season.  It finally got cold this week and now it officially feels like Christmas!

One of the must-do's for us is going to Zoo Lights.  It has been so magical for Charlie every year and we couldn't wait to go as a family of four this year. 

This year, Charlie was fascinated by the light up toy she got to pick out.  The Zoo Lights took a backseat this year.

A picture from last year....with little Leni in my belly.  We were so excited to go this year with 2 little girls!